21 Years of Experience
165+ employees
Oversized Cargo Transportation
We Have Solutions For Your Logistical Problems
Logistics In Every European Country
Modern Transport Company
21 000+ Transported Cargo in Recent Years
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Our Advantages

Delivery on time

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Delivery time is usually the number one factor for customers deciding to use our company. Freight transportation shipments are delayed due to unforeseen circumstances such as harsh weather and traffic.

Transported cargo in recent years

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We are glad that the number of transported goods is growing every year. We effectively fulfilled more than 21 000 orders in 2024.

Succeeded projects

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All of our logistics experts are tenacious and passionate in what they do, working hard through delivery deadlines and obstacles along the way.

Our Strengths

21 years of experience

A transportation and logistics services provider which has successfully been operating since 2003. Our company is constantly expanding its activities and doing its best to conform to the demands of new and existing customers.

Logistics in every European country

Our company is active throughout all of Europe, including the Scandinavian countries. We share with our customers the latest information on legal regulations. We also offer technical assistance in each country.

Heavy load transport

We can transport cargo with dimensions which do not correspond to standard dimensions, and weights which exceed the standard. We offer a full range of services, including carriage, delivery, permits, pilot services and  customs clearance.

Modern transport company

UAB Tomegris focuses fully on logistic solutions. It is well equipped with the latest technology, vehicles and transportation-focused people.

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