About our company

UAB Tomegris is a transportation and logistics services provider, one which has successfully been operating since 2003. This rapidly growing company is constantly expanding its activity and doing its best to conform to the demands of existing and new customers.

An excellent, highly-skilled team, plus extensive experience and continuous development allow us to ensure the best quality services for favorable prices. This characteristic was key to our increasing value throughout Europe as well as in Lithuania.


to become one of the leading transport and logistics services providers in Lithuania.


to become a reliable partner for customers all over Europe.

Our values


Only by applying the most modern work methods can we satisfy customer requirements.


With systematic investment in training
for our employees, we create a highly-qualified
team which is able to provide superb customer service.

Customer orientation

For us, satisfied customers are the key to success.

Our history


The year 2003 sees the beginning of UAB Tomegris

Tomegris logo oversized cargo


Since 2010 we have supported children’s organisations and sporting events

2010 min tomegris oversized cargo


First transport of oversized cargo

2014 min tomegris oversized cargo


First pilot cars

2016 min tomegris oversized cargo


Since 2019 our fleet of heavy vehicles has been steadily growing, focusing on the transportation of oversized cargo

2019 min tomegris oversized cargo fleet


This year the number of our employees doubled, so we moved into new office space.

2021 min office tomegris oversized cargo

Our Solutions

1. Technology Solutions for Today’s Challenges

UAB TOMEGRIS prides itself on staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Our expert team is well-equipped to offer professional transportation solutions which will support your business in cargo shipments all around Europe.

2. Strategic advice and planning

Navigating complex business environments requires insightful guidance. Our strategic consulting services are designed to provide you with the right insights and well-informed strategies. Trust us to help you make well-planned decisions that lead to faster on-time delivery.

3. Innovative and well-known brand

UAB TOMEGRIS brand is developed with the highest level of service quality. Long-term contracts with top world-class companies lead us to develop and adapt to the most innovative transport services. Let us help you find logistics solutions for your needs.

4. Effective project management

In today’s world time is an essential factor. Our efficient project management team ensures that your demands are delivered successfully on time and on a budget. Trust us to lead your projects for the best results.

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