Vizuali juosta vidiniuose (netrinti)

Transportation of non-standard freights

This is transportation of freights with non-standard dimensions or very heavy freights for which the special mechanisms are required. Very experienced employees will choose the best special transport, route, arrange necessary licences and permits, organize security escorts and take care of cargo safety.

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One of the activity's directions of JSC Tomegris is the 3PL – the complex logistics services. This can be warehousing, combining of transportation, transportation, distribution etc.

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Other Services

We know well that sometimes the customs procedures are complicated, taking long time and requiring special knowledge. Therefore, we provide the customs brokerage services in order to protect our customers from having additional worries.

The competent employees and carefully selected partners allow us to meet our obligations as customs brokers when the customs procedures are undertaken.

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Multimodal transportation

Tai Multimodal transport is the transportation under a single contract, but using different modes of transport (e. g. partly by road and partly by sea or rail). We cooperate with our reliable partners in whole Europe when transporting this way.

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Full and Partial Loads Transportation

The JSC Tomegris is constantly collecting smaller and bigger partial freights in whole Europe. For the collecting of smaller freights we are using the terminals of our partners. The bigger freights we are just loading into semitrailers and transporting to Lithuania.

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